Ban List Update – 15 Jan 2024

Centurion Community, we are pleased to share with you this new beginning of the season accompanied by a long series of updates. Let’s start with the News & Note section, which from today will accompany all our updates for better and direct communication.

News & Note:

  • Federico Perno and Valentino Manicone officially join the Centurion Committee as the coordinator manager and data manager, respectively.
  • Paolo Villa will be the contact person and organizational manager of the Centurion League 2024.
  • Leagues: due to the amount of ongoing changes, it was not possible to start the first season at the beginning of the month. We have therefore decided to reduce the minimum number of stages for the first quarter from 6 to 5 in line with the previously announced flexibility policy.
  • The creation of a new non-profit association dedicated to Centurion is underway.
  • We are working on the development of a single Online League to ensure an additional opportunity to participate in the circuit.
  • Work has begun on the development of the new testing group: we estimate to present the complete project and open the doors to applications by the end of March.
  • The reconstruction and reinforcement of our social infrastructures including website, Discord channels, YouTube, and Instagram are underway.
  • To contact us or for information, we are available at

Rule Changes:

No changes.


Breya, Etherium Shaper is now legal as commander

Niv-Mizzet Reborn is now legal as commander

Partner / Companion:

No changes.


High Tide is now legal

Announcement Date:15 January 2024
Date of entry of changes:16 January 2024
Date of next announcement:18 March 2024

See Current Banlist

Further Explanation

Breya, Etherium Shaper

The return of Breya and Niv is now possible thanks to a more homogeneous and widespread increase in the power level of the format compared to the moment of their ban. The increasing pace of high-potential product releases is generating greater variability in the quantity and quality of decks that can be built.

The ban of Breya dates back to the end of 2019, when games were played with 30 lives, and the control archetype dominated the meta. With access to 4 colors and thanks to its abilities, it optimized all its slots compared to other archetypes.

Niv-Mizzet Reborn

Regarding the ban of Niv-Reborn, we are talking about the summer of 2022, a period characterized by the quad-meta of Niv, Inalla, Ragavan, and Uro. The monopoly of these four generals prevented the expansion of the meta, necessitating their block removal.

We believe that the current power level of the game can positively welcome the presence of Breya and Niv, addressing the issues described previously. For these reasons, Breya and Niv are once again legal.

High Tide

The method of evaluating this card is similar to the previous ones, with the difference that High Tide has never been legal in our format. Strategies based on it were too advantageous in the past due to the 30 lives and the then limited power level, far from what we are used to today. The subsequent transition to 25 lives was still not enough, but the current game landscape has radically changed in terms of speed and quality of responses. Consequently, we believe it is ready to welcome a card of High Tide’s power level. We trust that its inclusion will bring more variety and options to the combo archetype without being uncontrollable.

For these reasons, High Tide is finally legal.



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