Ban List Update – 18 Mar 2024

Centurion Community,

We want to thank you for the warm response received regarding the new tournament circuit. A lot of players are joining our community and the numbers are constantly growing. The achieved goals will allow us to start working on new projects that we can’t wait to share with all of you.
The last banlist update was well integrated into the metagame and the format appears to be healthy.
We are still keeping an eye on some cards, but we believe that a sudden intervention was not necessary. Regarding possible unbans, we believe that the amount of data collected is not sufficient to guarantee a positive reintroduction of the cards under evaluation. We are therefore working to make the testing group’s project 100% operational and to be able to provide certain data in this regard. Furthermore, the release of MH3 is getting closer and closer, an event that could raise the power level in the format, producing new and possible adaptations.
These are the reasons that pushed us not to make changes in the banlist.

Rule Changes:

No changes.


No changes.

Partner / Companion:

No changes.


No changes.

News & Note:

  • Leagues: the first season will end on March 31st, the new quarter will begin on April 1st.
  • Quarterly Big Event: the first BET will be held on Sunday 7 April at Michael Recanati’s Multiverse of Games. In the following link you can find all the information and pre-register: Facebook events Link
  • The creation of a new non-profit association Dedicated to the Centurion is still underway and will be ready by mid-year.
Announcement Date:18 March 2024
Date of entry of changes:18 March 2024
Date of next announcement:20 May 2024

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