Comprehensive Rules

Commander Selection

  • Players choose a legendary creature as the commander for their deck.

Color Identity

  • A card’s color identity includes its color plus the color of any mana symbols in the card’s rules text.
  • Established before the game begins, a card’s color identity cannot be altered by game effects.
  • The cards in a deck must not feature colors outside the commander’s color identity.

Deck Composition

  • A Commander deck must be exactly 100 cards, including the commander.
  • If using a companion, it must follow color identity and singleton rules, counting as the 101st card.
  • Except for basic lands, no two cards may share the same English name, unless allowed by specific card rules.


  • Players start with 25 life.
  • Commanders start in the Command Zone and can be cast following normal rules, with an additional 2-Mana cost for each previous casting.
  • Commanders moving to a library, hand, graveyard, or exile can be redirected to the command zone.
  • Being a commander is not a characteristic [MTG CR109.3], it is a property of the card and tied directly to the physical card. As such, “commander-ness” cannot be copied or overwritten by continuous effects. The card retains it’s commander-ness through any status changes, and is still a commander even when controlled by another player.
  • A player may cast a commander they own from the command zone. A commander cast from the command zone costs an additional {2} for each previous time the player has cast a commander from the command zone that game. This additional cost is informally known as the “commander tax.” This is the Centurion commander variant to [MTG CR 903.8]
  • A player loses if they receive 21 combat damage from a single Commander.
  • Commanders adhere to the Legend rule; no player can control more than one legend of the same name.
  • Cards bringing others from outside the game do not function in Commander.


  • Matches are best-of-three.
  • Recommended time limit is 50 minutes.
  • No sideboards are used.