Centurion Commander is a variant of the non-multiplayer Commander versions that have developed over the years. The format was born among the communities of players in Italy in January 2019; born and raised with the intention of merging and involving players in an attractive and engaging format, structured to establish itself as a competitive Single Player Commander format. Characterized by 25 Life Points and a Banned List studied to better favor the competitive gaming experience.

The comitee

The Centurion Committee is dedicated to administering, promoting, and developing the Centurion game format, investing their own free time and resources. Operating independently of Wizards of the Coast, the committee has a flexible structure that can adapt over time as needed, with no fixed number of members or roles.

Our committee’s primary goal is to foster the growth and evolution of the Centurion format, always prioritizing the interests and passion of the community.

Roles and structure

The format’s management is entrusted to an eight-member Committee. This group oversees format balance through banlist management and pursues objectives aimed at fostering a healthy and expanding community environment.

Each member of the Committee assumes a primary role critical to our operations. Collaboration among members and clear division of responsibilities are fundamental to our success in managing the format effectively. By leveraging each member’s expertise and focus, we ensure comprehensive oversight of the banlist and strategic alignment with community objectives.

In addition to their primary responsibilities, committee members also engage in secondary tasks that support our overarching goals. These tasks, although not detailed here for brevity, encompass various administrative, outreach, and community engagement efforts. By fulfilling these secondary roles alongside their primary duties, our Committee members uphold our commitment to promoting a healthy and inclusive gaming environment for all participants.

Beyond the committee members, Centurion also thrives with the invaluable support of volunteers from our community. Our staff includes a diverse array of roles: creators, community coordinators, translators, report managers, tournament list organizers, and more. Each individual’s dedication and expertise play a crucial role in shaping and maintaining the format’s current standard.

Without the contributions of these dedicated players, Centurion would not have attained its current level of success. Their passion and commitment enhance our community-driven approach, ensuring that every aspect of our operations is carried out with precision and care.

Currently, the Committee is structured as follows:

Moderation Manager

Emiliano Bandini
Manages social platforms to foster a positive and constructive community environment

National Coordinator

Federico Perno
Oversees Community Coordinators and provides support for local events

Technical Staff Supervisor

Francesco Vitale
Ensures effective communication among committee members and staff, optimizing and monitoring various activities

Testing Group Manager

Giovanni Galamini
Supervises and coordinates the testing team's activities, ensuring thorough evaluation of new ideas and changes before implementation.

Contact person for external tournaments

Jonathan Quarantiello
Facilitates contact and coordination with tournament organizers to ensure effective communication and collaboration

Innovation and Development Manager

Lorenzo Pietrangeli
Conceptualizes new ideas, recruit people and implement solutions to improve Centurion

Championship Manager

Paolo Villa
Organizes and oversees our Centurion League, ensuring well-structured events

Data Manager

Valentino Manicone
Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and presenting game, event, and community data

The Banlist

In Centurion, the banlist is continually updated through the support of the testing team to ensure a balanced game experience.

A core principle of the format is to restrict cards that provide excessive mana acceleration. As such, cards like Black Lotus, Jeweled Lotus, Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, and Mana Vault are prohibited.

Updates to the banlist are bimonthly and are posted here on the website.

Updates to the banlist occur bi-monthly and are published on our website. In rare instances where a new release or deck disrupts the gameplay, emergency bans may be implemented outside of the regular schedule.

Each banlist update includes ‘News & Notes’ where we share insights, updates on ongoing projects, introduce new staff members, and communicate any other important information to the community.”


An important part for the Centurion project is our community. We strive to provide opportunities for anyone who shares our vision to contribute to the format’s growth.

Continuous improvement is a priority for us, and we actively seek feedback from our community to enhance the Centurion experience. Our open-door policy encourages active participation, allowing everyone to contribute ideas and solutions.

Transparency is foundational to our approach: every decision is made openly and collaboratively, ensuring that all community members are informed and involved. One of our goals is to create a healthy and enjoyable environment.

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