Ban List Update – 14 June 2024

Centurion Community,

The new Modern Horizons 3 expansion has introduced a large amount of cards to the format with the potential to significantly change the game again. There are many cards that could become staples of the format and we hope they can enter the meta without creating unpleasant results.

We believe it is crucial to ensure that new cards become an integral part of the meta without compromising the integrity and balance of the format. As announced with the previous banlist update (May 20, 2024), the testing group has started carrying out its work. Despite the efforts to test MH3 cards during the spoiler season, the possibilities of the testing group are currently limited and in such a short time we have obtained partial data. The efforts aimed at playing as many games as possible have however highlighted a clear disparity between Nadu, Winged Wisdom and the other tiers in the meta.

After careful evaluation of the available options, we have decided to take prompt action to preserve the integrity of the gaming experience, especially in view of the upcoming major events for the tournament season.

It is important to underline that this decision represents an exceptional measure and that Nadu, Winged Wisdom, will be subject to further testing by our team. We do not exclude the possibility of revoking the ban in the future, should more complete data disprove the results that emerged in these first weeks of testing.

News & Notes:

  • The next Quarterly Big Event will be held on Sunday 7 July in Rome. More information here 
  • We are evaluating how to deal with the situation regarding the association due to some legislative changes in force since July.
  • Soon you will find on the website a section for articles and schedule.
  • We are looking for volunteers to expand our staff. If you want to apply for one of the roles we need, if you think you have the skills to contribute to the Centurion project, if you believe you can produce valuable content for the website, you can get in touch with us via the email address or by contacting us on the official Facebook page.
  • The different roles we need at the moment are: one or more figures to follow and enhance our social profiles; a figure who can become the “face” of the centurion and therefore play the role of PR and manage the advertising of the format; new members for the testing team; someone who can help us create graphic content (event posters, Facebook covers and similar).

Rule Changes:

No changes.


Nadu, Winged Wisdom is now banned as commander

Partner / Companion:

No changes.


No changes.

Announcement Date:14 June 2024
Date of entry of changes:15 June 2024
Date of next announcement:15 July 2024

See Current Banlist

Further Explanation

Nadu, Winged Wisdom

Nadu’s ability offers a quick and efficient value engine simply by targeting your creatures. This allows you to quickly accumulate resources, making the gaming experience particularly oppressive.

The commander allows you to build a solid gameplan, having a large amount of cards available to protect your strategy and cards like Shuko, which allow you to exploit Nadu’s ability for free. These aspects allow Nadu to create a snowball effect already in the very first rounds of the game, inevitably compromising the progress of the match.

Countering Nadu is complex for most decks in the meta, as many responses involve unfavorable trades. Nadu has the potential to become so dominant in the metagame that it renders other strategies obsolete and polarizes the meta towards counterspells, significantly reducing the variety of the format.

For these reasons, Nadu, Winged Wisdom is now banned as a commander.



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