Ban List Update – 20 May 2024

Centurion Community,

On the basis of the data collected from the first quarterly closing event and on your advice, we will continue to improve the national circuit; we intend to intensify the frequency and the attendance on Sunday tournaments in the next period, as well as introduce some balancing actions to the system.
Regarding the metagame, we are keeping an eye on some cards but, overall, it continues to be healthy, and we do not believe that any intervention is necessary at the moment, especially in view of MH3, which seems to be maintaining the premise of being a set with enough potential to change, once again, the game in an important way.

Rule Changes:

No changes.


No changes.

Partner / Companion:

No changes.


No changes.

Other Centurion related news:

  • Daniele Arciero and Jonathan Quarantiello officially join the Centurion Committee, Daniele will be responsible for the development of the online league and translations, while Jonathan will be the national manager for contacting and coordinating with tournament realities.
  • Leagues: Season 2 ends June 30, new quarter begins July 1.
  • The next Quarterly Big Event will be held on Sunday 7th ofJuly in Rome.
    More information soon.
  • Regarding the next quarter closing event, to better guarantee the management of byes, we will introduce a proportionality system.
    Each player will be able to take advantage of the first bye once they reach 64 participants in the tournament, the second bye from 96, and the third from 128 players.
  • For the next season we will introduce a national ranking system that will regulate the assignment of byes to the big events and will select the remaining places at the Player of the Year.
  • From this week the project relating to the testing group will be operational, thanks to which we will have tangible data to better balance our choices. To participate, contact us via mail at
  • We are evaluating how to deal with the situation regarding the association due to some legislative changes that will be in force from July.
  • We will soon open a section on the website dedicated to the tournament circuit and to the statute of the Centurion Committee.
  • We are looking for volunteers to support us as PR for the development and the strengthening of social media. To participate, contact us via mail at 

Centurion Committee

Announcement Date:20 May 2024
Date of entry of changes:20 May 2024
Date of next announcement:15 July 2024



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